Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting a Little Stir Crazy

I have a tendency to overwhelm myself with projects. Nothing is truer than craft projects. I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and realized how many things I have been planning to do that just don't get done. There is a LARGE pile of material in my room just waiting for the right time for me to sew it into something wonderful. There is a lot of yarn in there. Plus patterns for things I have never made. Lots and lots of knitting and sewing patterns not enough time. It is time to try to prioritize my crafts. Plus I added yarn dyeing to the list recently and that is slowly taking over the breakfast nook. It is getting overwhelming again!

I think it may just be this time of year for me. Today is the first day of spring but apparently Northern Minnesota did not get the memo. This is the temp today. The middle temp is the one from outside.

I realize it's not as cold as you gals in Canada but today it is just too cold for me. I am grateful that there is not as much snow here as there is in Kristen's neck of the woods. Go visit her for an idea of their unreal snowfall.

So to make some kind of dent in the material taking over my room, I plan to use these soon.

I am going to make Noley a pillow with this. I made one for KD when he was younger and he still uses it on trips.

I bought these last night at the local Wal*** You know that one big store which isn't my favorite. They do occasionally have good deals on fabric. The lightening fabric I think will be some kind of sleepwear for the boys. The monkey fabric is for my friend who is having a baby tomorrow! And the stripey stuff is to line a bag I made a long time ago.

To help with the Minnesota blahs, We made these the other day.

Wax paper, crayon art.

Miss M made the one in the middle. It's Minnesota! She was all proud.

These are KD's. He made, "C's not moons Mom". I cut out the Dinosaur for him. It was a fun quick project for the kids and uses up the old broken crayons lying around.

Have I told you of Noley's love of all things Little Einstein? He had some birthday money lying around, so we went and got him this from Target.

He loves it, he slept with it the first night:)

What did I do to help with the cabin fever?

I got new shoes.

PS. There are new shop updates! Go check it out!


incaknits said...

I love your new shoes. I posted mine as well. Must be that time of year. new shoes all around, I say!! Sorry about the temps. It's supposed to snow here in the Cities this weekend. Ick. Happy knitting!!

Wendy said...

Love the shoes! Did you get those at Target too? I simply can't wait for some warm weather to come our way.

Rani said...

I have been out of the bloggy loop for way too long!

Sounds like you have no shortage of creative projects! Can't wait to see what you whip up.

LOVE the shoes!

off to catch up with the rest of your blog