Friday, January 18, 2008

Keeping my head above water

Today is busy with 2 doctors appointments one for me and one for Noley. They are spread way apart in the day which means I will have to hang out in Duluth for most of the day. Bummer:) I am planning on hitting the library for some books on knitting and dyeing. Hopefully Noley cooperates with me and doesn't run off in the library, scream and yell, poop his pants, or pull books off the shelf. Yesterday we took a trip to Yarn Harbor after a different appt and he did OK until the lady who worked there asked me to move him from where he was playing nicely. She was worried he would pull over the button stand on himself even though he was only running his cars on the bottom of the stand which was a little like a hill to him. Anyway I picked him up and he had a fit so we had to go out. Next time I go to the yarn shops I am NOT taking him. He is too young to keep occupied for long. There is something about that store for him. It has lots of nooks and crannies for him to hide in and the last 2 times we were there he had a quiet moment in a corner that resulted in smelly pants. Who can blame him? We all like a little privacy.

There are entirely too many things on my list of things to do, knit, improve ect.
I have to start prioritizing. I am overwhelming myself with things to do and ways to be a better person. Focus. I will work on a realistic list of things for myself this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend it is going to be SUPER cold. Below zero readings with wind chills in the -60 ranges. Uggg. Bundle up out there! I will be knitting something warm and cozy for my kiddos on my breaks at work. I am making a Thorpe hat for KD instead of a felted hat. I think he wear this one more. Noley's hat needs to be reknit, I decided it was felted a little too much and didn't fit as well as I liked so Liam got it. It barely fits him! No more late night felting episodes for me! Stay warm this weekend and Knit On!


Naomi said...

The Thorpe hat looks nice. Everytime I go to the Yarn Store I SWEAR on my life that I'll never go with a child again. But if I never went with my children, I'd never go so... I guess you win some, you lose some. I taught W how to knit yesterday! He liked it and was able to do it but didn't have alot of patience for it. He knit 2 rows by himself though!! Yipee!! A knitting son!!

Yarnhog said...

My brain shorted out at "-60 ranges." I would ask why anyone would choose to live there, but then you'd probably bring up earthquakes and wild fires, and the whole discussion would devolve into ugly name-calling :) So I'll just say I hope you have lots of woolly things to stay warm!

Rani said...

Dang! Stay warm! It's cold down here in the cities - I can't imagine what it's like up north!

Too damn cold to knit, that's for sure!

ps. You story about the little one and the knitting store made me laugh! Oh my, those were the days. . .

yer old lady said...

i remember going to a yarn store with will and naomi. will kept pulling all the green yarn off the shelves. :)