Monday, January 7, 2008

When you're too sick to knit

This weekend I was supposed to work. I say supposed to, because I have been body slammed by the nastiest head cold of my life. So there was nothing going on for me this weekend except lying on the couch and feebly knitting on my socks. I was pretty sick yesterday when I put the knitting down and took a nap. There was some progress made (on the socks) but nothing too exciting to look at.

Since I was feeling so crappy, I decided to make a list of all the knitting I want to make and see how far behind I am.

1. Asymmetrical Cardigan with Malabrigo Vaa
2. Baby gift for 2 girls at work
3. Socks for my 3 kids
4. Felted hat for KD
5. Bee Fields Shawl by Knit Spot (started)
6. Mittens for Noley and KD (Noley's are half done)
7. Frost Jacket from Knitting Nature
8. More socks for me and BDiddy
9. Something pretty for myself with the yarn from Kristin
10. Something for my sister who reminded me that I hadn't made her anything for a long time.
11. Adult Surprise Jacket with Bartlett yarn (or Tomten?)

I could keep going but I better stop there. Those are just the things I have yarn for really. So I think I will have to put myself on a yarn diet. Until I have made at least one adult sized sweater I won't be able to buy any more.

This doesn't count the yarn I sent for to try my hand at dyeing. That is a project I didn't expect to be able to try but on our way home from Christmas BDiddy brought it up. He gave me permission to invest a little money and see if I could make a little money on the side. I was shocked that he thought that was a good idea. This is the guy who will occasionally say in a very sullen tone, "All you're going to do is knit for the rest of your life." I think he has a hard time seeing the usefulness of knitting because for some reason he doesn't wear any of the things I make for him. Anyway I got the OK and ran with it. Look for some experiments coming soon!

I am going to bypass some of the other projects on my list to start the cardigan. I've been wanting to start this for awhile and keep getting sidetracked. I've even swatched it out already and I almost never swatch. Wish me luck!


Naomi said...

Nice list! Am I the sister you're going to make something for??? I just looked in my basket the other day and I only have 2 (yes only 2) projects started!!! SHOCKING!! So I'm trying a new thing this year... 2 at a time. We'll see how it works. I hope you feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Get Well Soon, Senja!

Kristin said...

Bummer about the sick! I hate the sick.
Hope you are up and knitting soon.