Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stir the Dye Pot

What?!? You are wondering where I have been?

Yesterday you would have found me here.

I finally got time to dye up some yarn. Thank goodness for Thomas the Train who kept Noley occupied for a while. I would have had some big issues with out something to keep him busy.

The hardest part of dying yarns for me is waiting for the yarn to dry so I can wind it up into pretty skeins. Oh and parting with them will be hard too. So pretty, if I do say so myself.

Here are my finished projects. Now to figure out how to get good pictures of the yarn.

The green has less yellow than this picture, reminds me of a snake for some reason.

This is pretty close to the real thing. Deep purple with blues and teal.
I named this one Redwood Forest. This is a pretty accurate picture. This skein will be hard to part with, I named this color Chocolate Covered Cherries. Obviously in tribute to Valentines day.
Last but not least this skein is for my sister Naomi. She went to Mexico recently and asked for something with blues. I think I nailed it. I'm sending this off to her today.

The base yarn is Louet Gems superwash 100% merino wool. Each skein is approximately 420yards and 4oz of fingering weight sock yarn. It is super soft and squishy. Drop me an email if you must have one before I get them on Etsy:)

Next post: Pictures of KD's hat, Noley's mitts and the start of the Asymmetrical Cardigan!


Anonymous said...

They are lovely!! I am really interested in getting into yarn dyeing. Chocolate covered cherries is calling but sadly I just spent all my dollars on a new toilet.
It's a pretty nice potty though.

Rani said...

What the !?!? I didn't know you had an Etsy shop! YEAH! I'll check it out. (by the way, the link on your blog for Etsy doesn't work . . . unless I'm missing something.)

I'll lurk under Imagine Knits and see if I can find you. LOVE THE GREEN! You're a talented dyer!

saunaknitter said...

They look great!

Wendy said...

Wow...Great Job! I love all of them...I want all of them:)

Naomi said...

Gorgeous! Great job! Can't wait to get my yarn!!! I'm off to find the perfect pattern!

Brita said...

Pretty, good job. It's amazing that anyone can dye yarn like that. Too bad I don't have time for knitting right now.

yer old lady said...

it's fun to dye stuff isn't it? WOOHOOOO!!!!!