Friday, January 4, 2008

What I did on my Christmas vacation

The craziness of the holidays are past and the new year has begun. Time to update the blogging world of my past few weeks. Has it really been since Dec. 18th? Of course there were trips to Grandma and Grandpa's house (both of them). Gifts were given and received. Some how I missed getting a picture of the SIL hat on the recipient. The niece and nephew enjoyed the slippers and hopefully will use them.

Every year my dad added to his list of things he would like us to knit for him. He was hinting not so subtly about what he might like and specifying the kind of fiber to use. We have to laugh at least he will wear what we (my sisters and I) make. I made him a scarf that he lost but that was years ago. Oh and a pair of wool socks in a bulky yarn a couple of years ago too. I don't count that in my sock making list because they were so bulky and seemed like cheating compared to "real" sock yarn.

Speaking of socks, my first Embossed Leaf sock is done! Here is the sock in progress.
Here is one finished sock. It fits perfectly. I was afraid it would be too small because of my size 10 shoe, but it is perfect.

So I need to cast on the other one to avoid the second sock syndrome. I don't think it will be a problem as I can't wait to wear these!

I made Noley a felted hat from a Fiber Trends pattern on my break. The name of the pattern is Felt Winter Hats. I plan to make one for KD too.
Below is the before felting and after felting picture.
I think it is so funny that it fits me before going in the wash. It turned out pretty cute don't you think. It might be the wearer though he is pretty cute:)
So what Christmas gifts what did you get that were really great? I was happy with everything I got. Even BDiddy did well and he often manages to wreck the surprise for me. I got a new polar fleece jacket and a nice undershirt for cross country skiing from him.
My mom and sister got me this and this! I love them! Ok the link for the ball winder may not be the exact one I got but you get the idea.
Last but not least KD and Miss M got me these for Christmas at the school gift shop. The frog is from KD. I don't know what it is for but I think it is to hold rings or maybe a candle holder? The glass tea light is from Miss M it is shaped like a mushroom I think. They were so proud that they picked them out themselves.

Hope you all had a good holiday and big plans for the New Year!


saunaknitter said...

Glad to see you back in the swing of things:) Love the sock & the hat is super cute too!

Naomi said...

ohh love the hat! I've been thinking about a felted hat for t. The sock looks beautiful! Maybe you'll inspire me to try socks too!!

Brita said...

Cute hat. Miss M's slippers are done. I hope that they fit.

yer old lady said...

CUTE hat!
Aren't the presents that little kids pick out precious? :)

yer old lady said...

The socks are GORGEOUS. Are they comfy?