Thursday, May 3, 2007

Brother Hat

This is the hat I'm making for my brother who so kindly commented that he was glad I had a hobby I enjoyed and shamelessly hinted for a knitted item. It is a simple baby cable hat. I found it online here. I'm using a skein of Bernatt yarn, 100% wool which felts nicely but I don't plan to felt this, and I changed the edging to a 1X1 rib. I think he will like it and it should look good with his blue eyes. Ask and you shall receive! Plus it was his birthday recently.

We went to the local state park and walked in the woods the other night. The kids had a great time.
Miss M was not inclined to have her picture taken but I snapped one from behind. She is 5 today! Happy Birthday Monica!!


Anonymous said...

Your brothers birthday has not passed yet. It is coming up. Love your sister

Senja said...


Naomi said...

The hat and Monica picture aren't showing up.... the pattern looks nice. W, T, & I will see you at the party!

Anonymous said...

Bartlett yarn right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,

Cute projects. I'm doing a sweater/cape thing - modular knitting. Very fun - but much more fussy than anything I've done.

Kitty hat was cute - even on Nolan!


Auntie Marcie