Saturday, May 5, 2007

Party Time!

He liked it! I finished to hat last night just in time to give to my Bro today at the party. He wore it most of the day. Here he is wearing it during the pinata, I think it was a hit. Oh and I guess he has green eyes but it still looked good on him:)
Monica had a good party with very little crying on everyones part:) Here she is getting ready to open presents and sitting with her friend Madison. Thanks everyone for the great stuff!!
On to new projects, I am anxious to start back up on Kyle's sweater and the socks I'm working on. Yarn for the Secret Project will be forthcoming, and I have a plan for the recent Lamb's Pride yarn purchase! I'll save some things for next posting.


yer old lady said...

Nice hat Senja!

I was kind of expecting an AFV moment there with the bat and pinata....

I can hardly wait for your next posting!

Hannah said...

Senja I liked the hat also. I'm still doing kniting I love it!Grama is helping me.I still don't know how to start it or end it.
I'm working on a wash cloth now.