Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Pictures, Just too much to do.

I am having a VERY busy week. Tomorrow is Kyle's Birthday so in that spirit, I planned a birthday party for Thursday night. I work tomorrow night and am having a garage sale this weekend on Friday and Saturday. Oh and Brent is going out of town and is throwing up tonight. Kyle said he didn't feel well either. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow too. Anything else I should do this week? Knitting is defiantly taking a back seat this week. Maybe if it is slow at the sale I'll knit. Right now I'm lucky if I get a shower.

Wish me luck when I take 7 little boys age 6-7 to a movie by myself. I may have to bring the cattle prod in case they misbehave:) JK I would never do that! There will be some serious threats regarding no cake though if kids are acting up.

Hope you all are not trying to cram in such suicidal amounts of things in your week. Have a good one!

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Brita said...

Sen, you are crazy to take 7 little boys to the movies by yourself. You need to enlist some help. Have fun.