Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The saddest baby ever

The picture says it all. I think he's teething again. Eyeteeth are buggers aren't they?

Here's a sneak peak at the secret project and my solution. Hopefully it will be an easy pattern to read but even I admit this part is a little confusing. Still need to order yarn for this but haven't had funds or time to decide on what to use. I am liking the Wool of the Andes I'm using but maybe I will find something else I like better when it comes time to knit this up.

Here's the list Brent left me for today. On one hand I know he's trying to help and on the other it's slightly annoying. I laughed at the (2 miles) after treadmill, it struck me as funny. I do need to plan food for Monica's B-Day party this weekend though. Have to work Wednesday and Thursday too so I should get a move on. Bleah. It's not as much fun as figuring out the secret project. Maybe my books will come today and I can look through them tonight! Cross my fingers!


jesslm said...

wow. I would be livid.

Brita said...

Did you feed Jasper? Has he been interested in the chicks at all?