Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big Plans

Added: May 16th The yarn used for this hat was Rowan, Soft Baby.

I have been pretty busy lately. Worked nights all weekend so when it was slow I worked on this cute Kitty hat for one of the girls I work with who is expecting. Nolan posed with it on for me isn't he a cutie pie even with a girly hat on?

This is the back of the hat you can see I had trouble with the ears coming out right, one is bigger than the other. Oh well I'm giving it away and she won't care right? Next time I knit this pattern I will know better. I should have placed a stitch marker so I knew when to increase.
I have found some good deals on yarn lately. This is Cherry Tree Hill, DK 50% silk-50% wool in Rose Garden and Green Mountian Madness. Half off I couldn't resist. One of these, I think is telling me it wants to be Clapotis from Knitty.
I couldn't resisit this skein of Noro for a hat for Hubby. He really needs a knitted hat for winter.

I got a great deal on Cascade 220 from Webs, but I didn't like the color once I got it here. It was way greener than the online pic. Learned my lesson there. This is called Lake Chelen, pretty but not what I wanted.
The wonderful ladies at Sister's Scrapbooking and Crafts in town let me exchange my yarn for this one. This is called Midnight Heather. It is for the secret project. I think this picture still makes it look lighter than it really is, it's almost a navy. I am excited to start these new projects, but I have Kyle's sweater to finish and baby hats to make for people at work. 2 more hats to make.


yer old lady said...

Meeeeoooowww!!!! Cute hat, although you'd better hide the evidence that Nolan had it on when he's old enough to care that he was wearing a "girlie" hat!

By the way, did you know that in the "olden days" boys wore dresses when they were babies and toddlers? I'm guessing it was because they wore diapers.

Brita said...

You should print that picture out and save it for Nolan's wedding. I love the hat by the way. Nice yarn.

Naomi said...

Cute hat!